How to get free BC no hack!


I’ve been searching around Google, and I finded how to get free BC without hack. This have been wroted by Wirodeu, from ROBLOX Juice™, so give all credit to him!

Getting Free BC Guide part 1

Builders Club, for some easy to get, for others nothing but a dream.
Parents going “NOES, THE INTERNETS IS REALLY REALLY BAD!” whenever you mention paying over the internet?
Then you can do this, make money by clicking ads, which is sent to an AlertPay account.
Once you have $30,00 you can send it to ROBLOX by mail.
A lot of work, but worth it!

In this part of the guide I will only explain you how to get money from clicking ads, and getting it sent to your AlertPay account.

Getting an AlertPay account.

You will first need to sign up for an AlertPay account.
This is simple to do, and wont take any longer than 2 minutes.
What you need? A working email address.

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Sign Up’
3. Pick your country and click “Get Started” below “Personal Starter” to start.
4. On the first page you can, for now just put a – everywhere.
5. On the second page you will have to use a REAL email-address. You will get a validation link sent to that email, you will have to click it to activate your account.
6. Pick a password and make the security
7. Finish the signing up and go to your inbox to validate your account.

Getting a account, to start clicking ads.

1. Go to
2. Click “Register”
3. Fill in all the information, do NOT use fake info here.
4. For the Referrer, make sure to keep it as ‘Wirodeu’, as a little thanks to me for telling you about this.
5. Once done creating an account, you can start!
6. Click “Surf Ads”
7. Click the first ad, and keep it open for 30 seconds, untill it says its done and shows a green check.
8. Do NOT open more than one ad at the same time!
9. You will get a cent per ad, and one per ad your refferals click!
10. Get some refferals now, use the link in ‘My Stats’ to get people to sign up using your link.

So far the guide for getting BC, part 1.
Soon I will make part 2, once I have enough money to send to ROBLOX HQ.


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